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The Talent Expericence Agency

Talent Experience Agency

AEP Talent partners up with your business as an external source of pre-screened talent. We create marketing materials and digital campaigns to find relevant and motivated talent to your exclusive Talent Community. We understand and work with your talent aligned with your Employer Brand and culture to make sure you always look the best! You will have a constant stream of relevant, pre-screened candidates ready to be interviewed.

Internal mobility team

We know how hard it is to work with internal mobility. In todays talent market career and development are key to attract talented people to help you business grow and here we can offer our help! Together with our clients we set up an internal mobility team and work exclusively with your internal mobility and employee career development. Together with our partners we are also able to add learning to further increase the value for both our clients and their employees. Looking to hire great people? You should start searching where you stand!

Team solutions

Need to accelerate your revenue growth and are looking to hire Sales Development Representatives or Business Development Representatives? Look no further than to AEP Talent. We create, hire for and manage a full team of SDR's/BDR's that works 100% for your business growth. Outsourced growth really!

Source & Screen

In need of a simple yet super efficient way of finding your next employee? With the help of our Source & Screen solutions you can! In a few simple steps we analyze your need, search and market for relevant candidates, do an initial screening of the shortlisted candidates and then deliver them to you ready to be interviewed. 

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