Recruiting as a Service (RaaS)

Why choose Recruiting as a Service?

The future proof model

Expensive big box recruiting companies are losing ground to cutting edge boutique agencies who offer Recruiting-as-a-Service. Employee acquisition with RaaS is a cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional recruiting services. The RaaS business model operates much like its Software-as-a-Service counterpart in that instead of paying a large price tag up front, you pay an affordable subscription cost. In return, you get your own on-demand and highly specialized technical recruitment team.

What is RaaS?

Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) functions like an on-demand recruiter, where instead of charging a percentage of the new employee’s salary, companies only pay a flat monthly rate.

Traditional placement costs are 20% of the employee’s first-year salary; which for an employee making €100,000 would be an eye-watering fee of €20,000 for a single new-hire! 

At AEP Talent we charge a flat rate for RaaS. The service is a flexible and cost effective alternative. 

We speak with the client to understand their need and decide together an agreed upon monthly fee. 

You will get better quality but at a fixed monthly cost.

Why choose RaaS?

Your in-house management team can only dedicate a fraction of their time toward IT recruiting

When your company needs to scale, you may find that your managers and human resources team have converted into full-time recruiters — at the expense of their core responsibilities. That’s when most companies will enlist a recruiting firm to do the hiring for them. 

But for most companies it’s simply not viable to pay a 20% fee for each new employee. Fortunately, they can now turn to agencies that offer Recruiting-as-a-Service to deliver high-caliber talent, at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting.

Benefits of Raas

RaaS has several clear advantages over both a traditional recruiting agency, or in-house recruitment options:

  • Costs Less: Unlike hiring a full-time recruiter, or paying a traditional 20% fee for employees, using RaaS is cheaper, and because it’s pay-as-you-go, it doesn’t cost your business anything when you’re no longer hiring.

  • Saves Time: Recruiting-as-a-Service delivers your qualified, pre-screened applicants directly to you without you having to sort through a clogged inbox of unqualified queries.

  • Improved Candidate Quality: By testing and evaluating applicants, RaaS delivers new employees that are a good fit for your industry and company culture. Because they’re pre-screened, candidates will arrive having already been tested for the exact skills the position requires, ensuring they’ll be the perfect fit for the role.

  • Core Business Focus: Because RaaS does the searching, testing, vetting, and even interviewing for you, you can focus on what’s most important — running your business.

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