Paiger helps us bring our message to the world! The application is a user friendly solution to create and share content in selected channels. It supports us in our efforts to put our own and our customers brand front and center with candidates. 


Our partner Finclude is a Business, Tech and Talent Management company with roots in the Banking and Financial industry. Finclude delivers exeptional customer value within the Fintech space globally. Through Finclude we're able to provide our clients with remote solutions for software development and product management. 


With the help of the recruitment marketing and Employer Branding platform Teamtailor we provide that crucial candidate experience that our customers expect from us.


Scandinavian Recruitment Intelligence provides secure and thorough background checks and security screenings for our Executive recruitment assignments.

Together with and Scandinavia Recruitment Intelligence we are able to provide our clients with digital reference checking of their potential candidates that are smooth and efficient for all parties involved. Check out their site!



Talentoo revolutionizes the world of recruitment by offering solutions that are faster, more powerful and cheaper than traditional ones. By posting your job offers on the Talentoo platform, you will connect with CVs whose profiles not only match your vacancy suitably but have been previously interviewed by a global network of headhunters and recruitment companies. AEP Talent represents Talentoo in the Nordic Region. Reach out if you'd like to know more!