Candidate Experience: Makes or Breaks Your Employer Brand!

The Talent Acquisition process has evolved over the course of time. While we transition from the pre-covid to post covid era, it is quite evident that scaleups are hiring and MNCs are refilling positions. This has once again kick-started a buzz around the whole process of talent acquisition. Amidst the process of sourcing, screening, interviewing and onboarding, the true candidate experience is lost.

It's just the tip of the iceberg!

Mass recruitions are a great way to strengthen your Human Capital but, what about their retention? It is speculated that 25% of the employees will switch over to a new job position post-pandemic. That’s a massive churn rate!

An employer brand is a way one perceives your organization, it's how your brand and culture impacts everyone around. In simpler terms employer branding is a package deal of Candidate, Recruiter, Employee, and Management Experience. To build the right community in your organization you have to understand what your brand conveys.

In the current world, companies invest a great deal of time and finances in recruiting. The candidate experience begins the very second one views your job advert that follows with interviews and other onboarding rituals. Once the employee is a part of your workforce, how do you support their growth? How much internal mobility do you facilitate?

Each of the aspects of candidate, recruiter, and employee’s experiences makes or breaks your employer brand. The management’s role here is to bring structure to the culture they have established. Think of it this way, you have a successful running company but there is a 96% drop off rate in the job applications, your recruiters invest 60% of their time in sourcing & screening candidates, and your current employees don’t know how to be internally recruited.

Here’s a little food for thought, employer brand is something that’s very inherently present. Your employees are your brand ambassadors. This now means that each step from placing job adverts, interviews, onboarding, and retaining the employees, everything adds growth to your organization.

While one thinks about a company’s growth rather than “how to?” Probably the right question to ask is “what’s the right way to?”.