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Did you know that recruiters spend over 60% of their working day with screening and scheduling interviews and doing other administrative tasks? As a business owner, this is something that can hold back your state of growth - for real. Partner up with us and see your TA teams evolve and become the heroes they really are - and meet with your future colleagues. Talent experience is key to building a sustainable business and align with your goals of growth!

Our solutions

Recruiting great talent is one of the most time consuming yet extremely important part of building a profitable and sustainable business. Partnering with AEP Talent and using one or more of our solutions will decrease your time to hire and greatly improve the Talent Experience for both external and internal talent. Our Recruitment-as-a-Service model provides you with your own dedicated Talent Experience team who work tirelessly with building your talent community that are ready to be hired in an instant! Reach out for more information or if you want us to tailor our service around your specific needs.